Aboud Breed

If you want to have a cat behaving like a dog at home, the Syberian cat fulfil all your expectations. My cats are the example of how untrue is the stereotype saying that you should never bring a cat to the house where babies live. Igor appeared at our home when my wife Ania was pregnant. He welcomed our new born son Marek with great calmness. Sometimes when his curiosity won he sniffed Marek's face with great interest. He did it with such a sensitivity as if he knew that this 'little kitten' is tender and helpless. I'm convinced he was aware of that. He never slept in Marek's bed(besides two or three incidents).

Igor is the excellent example of the cat which can be easily taught many things. If you want to meet tha cat never walking on the kitchen cupboards, table or never scratching the furniture then here you are. Majka confirms everything I wrote earlier about Igor, but she has totally different character. This makes me sure that this race is perfect for the families having children. I may even say that the children can be more dangerous for the Syberian cat than the opposite. But that's us, parents, are those who should take care of creating the right attitude in our children. That's all about my cats. Now I'd like to tell you more about this marvelous race.

What are they like? Cats of this race are men's best friends and they follow them step by step. They like to accompany their owners in every thing they do. The cats usually pick one of the family members and they follow him everywhere. Syberian cats are very curious. They always have to check what you are doing, they put their nose in every hole and they try to touch everything. They are not afraid of water and they like to dip their little paw in the bath while his owner takes a bath. Syberian cats are quiet and they 'speak' only when they want to 'tell' us something. But it's not just an usual purring - it's more like 'pigeon's cooing'. The cats of this race also sings quietly during their rut what helps them to survive those 'difficult days'

While communicating with the man Syberian cats also use their body language: they bend their head, blink their eyes, they put their front little paw up, they hop and they touch our elbows and chins with their little heads. Some of the cats react immediately to the new situation e.g. when the guests come to their house they run to check who's in and say hello. Others hide in the first moment to face the challenge after a while. Cats can always achieve what they want using their special diplomacy talents or gentle persuasion. The cat will be sleeping in an armchair formerly belonging to the dog and the best place on the wardrobe formerly belonging to the other cat will be his now.

That's what Syberian cats are like - caressing and wise. Some are more courageous, others more curious. There are no two cats having the same character.

It was a difficult task to write about this beautiful and proud race in only few words. I send all of you who are interested in finding out some more to the archive edition of 'Kocie Sprawy' magazine (September, 2009). You can also always contact me directly.

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